What's is eAlicia?


What is eAlicia?
eAlicia is a solution to managing, evaluating and controlling the quality of all service channels  and customer relationships.
eAlicia  allows you to adapt and customise the tool to fit the specific needs of the organisation,  adjusting the monitoring, variables, formulas, meters and reports


How can I access eAlicia?
eAlicia is a SaaS ( software as a Service) for the integral management of quality in companies.
eAlicia offers you the ability to monitor, evaluate and manage the quality of relationships with customers in unified manner which is very accessible due to its location in the cloud.


What is a quality Management system?
The Quality Management System is an internal process, defined by the structure of each company, to manage the processes and activities that transform the product or service of the company to align them with the objectives of the company, while meeting the quality requirements for customer satisfaction; to promote compliance with the requirements and quality policies of the organisation.


What standard does eAlicia use?
eAlicia, measures quality management with specific variables under the Standard C3, certified system for quality assessment in the telephone channel based on the ISO: 9001


What is an SaaS?
SaaS is a software distribution model where the program and the data it handles, are housed in the company's servers, or in the ‘cloud’. Access is via a web browser, with the software being sold as a service


What kind of accessibility does it have?
 eAlicia is in the cloud. So anyone in your organization can run it with your access data and use it from any computer with an internet connection. All data entered will be accessible in real time from anywhere in the world.


What kind of companies can benefit from eAlicia?
eAlicia is the best solution for large companies with difficult volumes to manage, but thanks to its great ability to adapt and customise, SMEs will also find a tool perfectly suited to their needs in eAlicia.


Which departments of my company can use eAlicia?
While this is a tool designed for managing quality, other departments can also benefit from using eAlicia.
The departments of Customer Service, Marketing or HR can take advantage of the system for satisfaction surveys, managing telephone lines, evaluating ecommerce and social networking, among others.

Sales & Billing Options


How do I  buy?
The eAlicia is marketed under the CAL (Client Access Licence) model. Each type of license is authorised with a few specific permissions and capabilities to use the software.
The sale is carried out online, through payment services for companies with Paypal or by bank transfer.


What type of license can I buy?
Four types of license exist:

Administrator              Supervisor                  Analyst            Viewer


What functions does the administrator have?

The administrator interacts with the system to perform administrative tasks. Access is provided to any area of ​​the platform, but will not to the development of assessments, preparation of parameters or obtaining reports.

 It is not necessary to have a any specific technical ability for this type of user


What functions does the Viewer have?
The user profile of the Viewer has access to all functions of the system having to do with data analysis. Therefore, access to reports, listings, reviews and the control panel, but do not have the rights to write to them.

There is no need for a specific computer level for this type of user.


What functions does the Analyst have?
The Analyst has access to the functions needed for the assessment of calls. In addition, you can extract the monthly reports of the services assigned to you.

It is not necessary to have a any specific technical ability for this type of user.

What can eAlicia can do?


What can eAlicia do for my company?
eAlicia is the solution to manage, evaluate and control the quality of all service channels and customer relationships.

eAlicia allows the adaptation and customization of the tool to suit the specific needs of each organization, adjusting the monitoring, variables, forms and reports.


What does eAlicia measure?
eAlicia measures quality management with specific variables for each channel, under the Standard C3 certificate system for quality assessment. However, it is possible to modify or develop forms and parameters with metrics chosen by each customer and channel, including variables not directly linked to the quality of service.


What type of metrics can be included in each parameter?
eAlicia measures are designed to accommodate any type of form and metric. So you can set nominal, ordinal, interval and proportional metrics, without any vertical or horizontal limits in any of the questions or meters.


What information I can get?
Once the evaluations have been introduced it is possible to extract any reports, data, or statistical table with the results generated. eAlicia provides report templates designed specifically to highlight the results with deviations in the SLA's (service level agreements), but you can customize and save reports as templates, so that they are available for a particular user or company-wide.

Another big advantage with similar software is that there is there are no vertical or horizontal limits in any of the variables or customised questions.


What languages is eAlicia available in?
eAlicia is available in English and Spanish. In the beta version other languages such as French, Russian or Chinese, amongst others are being tested


What if I need to send a report in different languages?
Besides having different languages for the interface, eAlicia allows the sending of reports in various languages, and even lets the user translate or modify report templates.


What modules make up eAlicia?
 eAlicia has 4 distinct modules:

  • Administration Module: Allows configuration of the system.
  • Assessment Module: Allows the assessment and management of forms and meters.
  • Report Module: Allows reporting and customization.
  • Control Module: control panel displays the results.


What channels can I analyse?
  • Telephone
  • SMS
  • Emails
  • SocialMedia ( Twitter and Facbook)
  • Ecommmerce         
  • Chat               
  • Surveys


Can I find out the level of quality in my industry?
One of the unique benefits of eAlicia is that it provides the quality level of other companies in the industry, so that from the control panel you can view at any time the average quality evaluated  by eAlicia, and the level of all the companies in your sector, that are using eAlicia (within the quality standards of the Standard C3).


And, the quality of a particular service in my industry?
It not only makes available the benchmark index of your industry but also from the control panel, you can view your service positioning within that same service in your industry.


How much information can I store?



How secure is the information stored?
eAlicia is a web access software in the cloud. eAlicia meets all security standards, including those of the strictest sectors (such as banking, insurance etc. ..) Each client has their own database (which is never shared) so that no data can be shared or lost.


How safe is the information provided by the program?
The information stored on eAlicia is completely safe. Not only due to the compliance with all privacy policies and data protection but also because the program logs all of the actions performed, keeping a record of every change, user and modification time.


Can other companies see my information?
Nobody may see your data without holding a license authorized by your Company. Our privacy policies are highly restrictive, for your assurance you can view them here. The average quality, is the only data extracted from the services and the company to obtain industry averages, individual data is never provided and the participating companies data is never shared.

Technical Support


How do I learn how to use it?
eAlicia has a simple and intuitive interface for easy navigation and use. However, thanks to its great adaptability and customization, there are several training models available, like video tutorials, manuals or classroom courses offered by our official distributors


What Technical support does eAlicia offer me?
eAlicia’s Technical Support has 24/7 phone coverage and during opening hours of the official distributor you can make contact an agent in person.  


Can I get a visit from an eAlicia consultant?
Addition to technical support, you can ask your official dealer, from your country; for a certified consultant to help with the development or customization of the assessment forms , development of KPI's or the fine tuning of results.


Can I get support if I don’t understand the manual?
The manuals were written in a specific way to explain every point step by step, however if you have any questions, we are glad to help you from any of the contact channels displayed on this website.
Similarly, you can also request that a technician or consultant travel to your office to help with start-up, calibration and technical support.


We are a service company; can we use your manuals?
Only official dealers are authorized for the supply of manuals or specific training on eAlicia to ensure its correct use and that you can get the most from this tool.


How do I set my screen recorder and audio to sync with eAlicia?
eAlicia facilitates maximum adjustment to your recorder, as it has connectors for most commercially available recorders. In case you have difficulty connecting to your recorder, contact us to resolve the problem or the development of your specific connector

Start Up


How long does it take to Start up with eAlicia?
The implementation of eAlicia is immediate. Their systems allow you to synchronize import and absorb databases in minutes, and connectors have already been developed for different recorders on the market.
Evaluation forms, meters and report templates are configured under the Standard C3, so start-up time will vary depending on the degree of customization that each company needs to develop their own parameters and reports, if they are necessary.


Do I need a consultant for the start up?
The presence of an official consultant is not necessary for the launch of the service. However, training is recommended for the administrator to make the overall configuration of the software. Remember, eAlicia customers have 24/7 technical support.


What is included in the minimum start up service?

In addition to the licensing model, eAlicia provides a start-up service for configuring and customizing the application to the needs of each company.

The implementation includes:

  • User setup, licensing and integration of database platforms
  • daptation and personalization of meters (10/20/30 meters)
  • Report Templates (sector and activity).
  • Interface with the requested language.
  • pecific training for administrators
  • Training and manuals for analysts and supervisors.