Operating Specifications:


Wide definition of the hierarchy and organization chart.


Great scalability in expansion of users and services.


High level of access control and authentication of users.


CAL (Client Acces Licence) access system.


Periodic payment fees per licence.


Great usability and easy implementation.


Availability of on-line and real-time results.


Unlimited meters, without vertical or horizontal limitations in its preparation.


Pre-configured template for each channel based on quality standards for C3.


Web Technology with Multi-Tier architecture.


Excellent safety management.


Sensitive encrypted data.


SSL support, Verisign Certificate and digital signature.


Compliance with ISO 27001 regulation.


Hosted in a high performance web server.


Periodic backups and data recovery.


Automated audit records.


Help support on all pages with functional descriptions and on-line user manual.


Support 24/7 (support.es@ealicia.com)

Technical Specifications:


  eAlicia is a SaaS hosted in a cloud. So there is no need to install any type of software or any other supplement. However, there are some simple technical requirements which are necessary for the proper functioning of the application. These are:
Internet- connected device
A web browser in their following versions:
  • Internet Explorer 7 or superior
  • Mozilla Firefox 15 or superior
  • Google Chrome 21 or superior
  • Opera 12 or superior
  • Safari 5.1 or superior
* We strongly recommend the latest version.
Use of cookies enabled on your web browser.
JavaScript enabled on your web browser.

Functional Specifications:




Validation through user access to the application.


Defining profiles / user roles.


Results online and in real-time.


To add and to manage the different organizational areas and service structure.


To create, to manage and to assign users to the application.


To create and to manage different services.


Creation, duplication and modification of personalized meter.


Procedure and assignment of personalized meter.


Language translation of personalized meter.


Events evaluation according to the cannel.


Display and extracting assessment listing.


Exportation and mailing of evaluations in several formats (xls, pdf).


To generate, to edit and to send comparative Quality reports


To generate, to edit and to send statistical reports from agents and services.


Customization of reports both in terms of content design.


To generate personalized quality reports multi consults.


To generate personalized errors reports multi consults.


To generate and export rankings reports from agents and services.


Exportation of reports in several formats (xls, pdf).


Display control panel, possibility of filtering and printing.